“We are at an inflection point with water infrastructure,” writes Lynn Broaddus in an article for Brookings. While Broaddus is talking about the situation in the United States, the same situation is present in Canada. In February, a CBC News article read: “Water main breaks are such a common occurrence near Paola Casale’s coffee…(Read More)

Chlorine has been the conventional method of water treatment for more than a century. Crucial in preventing water borne diseases and related deaths in the early 1900s, the serious side-effects of chlorine have recently been exposed. In the mid-1970s, the first guidelines to regulate the newly discovered toxic chlorine disinfection by-products (DBPs…(Read More)

Jay shares his thoughts on SanEcoTec®’s municipal water projects in Newfoundland. From an interview originally published in the Canadian Municipal Water Consortium Newsletter   CWN: You have played a crucial role in ensuring safe drinking water in Newfoundland. What water quality challenges were being faced to spark SanEcoTec’s involvement? JW: Sunnyside and Milltown…(Read More)

Spring is in the air. And with the change in weather comes the mystifying desire to clear cobwebs, dust corners and shine windows. As you polish the home from top to bottom and dispel the gloom of winter, there’s something else to dispel this spring. Water myths. Here are three water myths to wave…(Read More)

Right now, 2.1 billion people are without safely managed drinking water services In 30 years, the global water demand could increase by 30% In 2050, 3 billion people could live in water-scarce regions These are some heavy burdens to take into the future. Without significant changes to industry standards and global resource management…(Read More)

The water industry in Canada is tired. Water treatment methods and best practices have not changed much since the Canada Water Act of 1970. For a company like SanEcoTec®, that believes alternative water treatments are needed to provide better and healthier water for the public, a national attachment to conventional chlorine-treatments presents challenges. After…(Read More)

OTTAWA, ON – Ottawa-based SanEcoTec Ltd. has received the 2018 Bootstrap Innovation Engineering & Technology Award. The Bootstrap Awards, presented by Smart & Biggar and powered by the Ottawa Network, recognize self-capitalized and early-stage companies that have enjoyed commercial success with limited outside funding. Companies that have “’bootstrapped’ their growth.” As winners of…(Read More)

Growing the Team

Ottawa, ON – SanEcoTec is the little company that can. In 2017, SanEcoTec doubled its team and in 2018 is in the process of doing so again, starting with the addition of five new team members. After years spent gaining proof points, and scientific credibility, and the regulatory approvals needed to support the Company’s innovative…(Read More)

A Christmas Gift, one happy resident dubbed Milltown’s new water. Installed December 4, the AVIVE™ Municipal Drinking Water System was still in the initial stages of operation when residents saw drastic changes. “It’s only been a week and the comments from residents are absolutely mind blowing,” said Milltown Mayor, Jerry Kearley. “’Have you…(Read More)

Celebrating Water

March is the month of water. Whether you want to celebrate, advocate or meditate on water for a month, week or day, March has you covered. Water Action Month The organization, End Water Poverty, works to raise awareness of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation (recognized by the UN in 2010). As part of…(Read More)