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Monitor and Optimize your Water Health in real time


The WHI Platform lays the foundation for real-time water quality management – it identifies and solves the root cause of reoccurring or new water problems.


The WHI Platform combines digital water testing and monitoring with practical know-how to manage your water quality in the most cost-effective way.



Prevention costs less than remediation. Sub-optimal outcomes also have a cost. Prescriptive analysis provides actionable insight from the WHI Platform to mitigate, prevent and optimize water quality.

How It Works

Monitors and tracks water quality insight at key locations
Interprets, analyses and benchmarks key process parameters
Delivers continuous water quality optimization at your fingertips.

The WHI App, paired with Digital Water Quality Testing sensors and unique knowledge, captures and records Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), while calculating risk factors and overall water health in water systems. The value is expressed as an objective percentage called the Water Health Index, that can be tracked, managed and optimized.

The Water Health Index enables use of your historical sensor and lab data, provided they are accurate and precise or add additional sensors as necessary to get a complete picture.


Results include solved problems, chemical waste and scrap reduction, much improved consistency, reduced disease or risk pressures with increased capacity.

What it can do for you:

Reduce Risk

Reduce disease pressure

Reduce Costs

Protect people, plants and planet

Insight and Foresight

Root cause analyses

Water consistency

Expert Advice

Data-Driven Decisions

Real-time visibility