Real-time pool water monitoring and management

Pool Concerns

Pools, water features, splash pads, and resorts are the source of fun and fitness for
millions. Concerns for safety, compliance, maintenance, and efficiency are intense. We
make the job of managing pools easier with solutions that address the following:

Air Quality and User Experience

Infrastructure and Maintenance

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Water Quality and Health

Qualified and Supported Maintanance Staff

Environmental Considerations Costs

Do any of these resonate with you?

The Optimized Pool

We can help you can manage from a position of knowledge and enjoy
the benefits of the optimized pool:

Manages Air Quality through Water Quality

Goes digital to improve Water Quality and Health

Automates Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Optimizes Infrastructure with Data-Driven Updates

Supports Maintenance
Staff Efforts

Promotes Sustainable Recreation


The WHI App

High-performance pools struggle with inconsistent or sub-optimal water quality, chemistry and air quality. The WHI Platform provides a smart pool monitoring system and digital logbook. The platform enables you to track, manage and optimize water quality in real-time. It’s like having an expert at your side always.


SPI digital tools represent the best in photometric colorimetry sensors and other probes to remotely monitor and control specific water quality parameters that manage beyond compliance, improving cost, water, and air health outcomes. 

Water Health Academy

With combined 50+ years of advanced water knowledge, SanEcoTec and its global partners will work with you to provide tailored, practical training and solutions that meet your unique water quality needs. 

Public Pools Optimization

Post-Optimization Results

25% Chemical savings

Reduction in energy demand by more than 15%

Air quality, water quality, and user experience witnessed holistic improvement

Reduce your chemical and energy costs by 25% or more.