SanEcoTec® restores, preserves, and protects water through sustainable water treatment solutions

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We believe that improved standards in water treatment will ensure better, healthier lives for everyone.

Water is the world’s most precious resource, and water treatment is our most essential public health service.

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Enjoy AVIVE®-treated water that’s delicious to drink, safe to use, healthy for your family and positive for the environment, from every tap in the home.

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What We Do


AVIVE® water treatment is the chlorine-free solution for ensuring safe and quality water for your customers. AVIVE® controls biofilm, legionella and opportunistic plumbing pathogens at a reduced energy cost.

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What We Do


For a safer end product and increased savings, upgrade your process water management with the easy and affordable AVIVE® water treatment.

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AVIVE® makes managing risk easy and affordable. Better biofilm control and improved water quality means more productive water and a more profitable barn or greenhouse.

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Public Drinking Water

Healthy water supports healthy communities. AVIVE® is a fiscally and environmentally sustainable water treatment that produces more compliant water at reduced cost and reduced risk.

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What We Do


Enjoy a relaxing, chlorine-free experience whether you’re lounging by the pool or taking your water on the go.

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It’s time for a water change.

Meet the tools of our trade.

Sustainable Water Treatment Systems & Healthy Water Programs

AVIVE® costs less, performs better, and has a more positive impact on people, businesses, and the environment than any other form of water treatment.

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Food Contact Sanitizers & Multi-Surface Cleaners

Our no-rinse sanitizing solutions allow you to battle bacteria effectively. Say good-bye to harsh chemicals: It’s time to be confident in the security and the safety of your products.

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Sustainability Paired with Award-Winning Innovation

Receiving awards is great, but giving people clean, healthy water is even better.

These awards of excellence show that we continually deliver water solutions that are sustainable, cost-efficient, and healthy for everyone.

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