Photometric & Colorimetric Sensors to manage water quality issues.

SanEcoTec provides water quality solutions through its SPI SMART Technology which simplifies water quality monitoring and process control. SPI helps achieve and automate continuous water quality improvement.

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SPI On-The-Go

"SPI - On The Go" by SanEcoTec also called SPI - Handheld. Water Quality Testing Kit

SPI Digital Technology

The SPI Digital Hand Meter (DHM) is a portable water quality measurement system that uses colorimetric analysis to determine concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, ozone, PAA, free available, and total chlorine in the water.

SPI DHM Benefits

Easy to use in the field
Accurate and precise
Measurement not influenced by external factors like pH or temperature
Requires little maintenance

SPI On-Line

connected. consistent. compliant.

Customized to your needs

SPI measures – accurately and precisely – the water process metrics that directly affect water quality, safety and compliance: Advanced chlorine, ozone or peroxide chemistry, pH, Flow, Clarity Temperature, Conductivity, DO, Turbidity, Other KPIs

SPI Online, Water Quality Monitoring
SPI Online Water Quality Monitoring tool - Water Testing

SPI analyzes water at regular time intervals for each of these metrics. Based on these analyses, the SPI system can automatically adjust the water to maintain a residual or prescribed level, as required.

SPI offers real time reporting and control from remote locations via network or secure internet connections. SPI continually collects performance data, which can be downloaded for compliance reporting or process optimization into the WHI App.


The SPI will give warnings and alarms when water treatment strays from prescribed parameters.

SPI Online Water Quality Monitoring tool - Water Testing

Want your water to manage optimal levels?

What it does:

Rapid, on-line, SMART water quality analysis
Accurate and precise measurement
Facilitates an automated prescriptive process
Monitoring in real-time with feedback loop for process control
Synchronized data analytics with the Water Health Index and PLC/SCADA platforms