Learn about your building Water Health Index,
and how water connects with your building
safety and energy profile

A Digital Water Quality Platform to solve, manage and optimize water health, while saving precious resources in real time

SanEcoTec offers comprehensive water quality monitoring to help you understand which water tests and sensors give reliable process insight.

Our Platform provides real-time water quality management and unique know-how to help you evaluate and optimize current and future water health solutions.


The WHI App

The WHI Platform evolved from working with high-performance companies that struggle to maintain consistent water quality. The Platform provides automated water quality management that can be tracked, managed, understood and improved.


SPI digital tools represent the best in photometric colorimetry sensors and other probes to monitor specific water quality parameters for robust
predictive/prescriptive analysis by the WHI App

Water Health Academy

With combined 50+ years of water know-how, SanEcoTec and its global partners will work with you to provide tailored, practical training and solutions that meet your unique water quality needs.