Your water health
Our passion

“Together, we can make a difference.”

Starting up SanEcoTec has been a faith journey with its ups and downs, but a beautiful vision for what can be has sustained us since the beginning.

Water is such a great gift and being able to help solve some of its key challenges makes it all worthwhile for our customers, staff, and families.

Protecting and improving the resilience of water supplies for people, plants and the planet saves resources and improves outcomes, every step of the way.

We are so thankful to be on this journey and for the like-minded, brilliant people we have connected with along the way.

SanEcoTec is an award-winning, advanced water quality analytics company. Our software Platform has reduced the cost of water operations, while improving the control, safety and quality of water, for those whose water systems are mission-critical.

Comprised of a team of water engineers and scientists in North America and Europe with 50+ years of application experience, the Company has developed a proprietary digital water quality platform that solves, manages and optimizes water health, continuously, in real-time

We are at arm’s length from chemical and equipment suppliers providing market-tested, science-based advice and solutions for water now and for the future.

Our Team

Els Vanbeckevoort

Co-Founder & CEO

Jim Shubat

Co-Founder and CTO

Jay Whiteside

Senior Advisor

Tracy Lalonde

Talent, Team and Training Manager

Mark Partington

Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Barstead

Customer Success and Strategic Development Manager

Daniel Chadwick-Shubat

Sales Representative

Syed Umair Aftab

Brand Lead

Alan Cruz

R&D Coordinator

Daniel Smith

Systems Engineer Coordinator

Marjorie Tolentino

Executive Assistant



SanEcoTec is a highly specialized business dealing with

a highly vulnerable resource.

Our Duty of Care for Water includes personal and public agendas:

To save water and energy

To use fewer chemicals

That cost less to operate

Producing better outcomes for all