5636 Manotick Main Street,
AVIVE House,
Ottawa, ON K4M 1B3
Call: +1 (877) 610-0787
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Els Vanbeckevoort

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Direct: 613 697 5052

Jim Shubat

Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Direct: 613 620 8101

Jay Whiteside

Chief Operating Officer
Direct: 647 990 4977

Mark Partington

Chief Financial Officer
Direct: 613 614 7152

Dave Barstead

Special Advisor


Marjorie Tolentino

Executive Assistant
Ext. 2120


Robert Tyssen

Engineering Project Manager
Direct: 613 294 2522

Joanna El Hares

Technical and Commercial Support Coordinator
Ext. 2621

Research & Development

Ashley Hillier

Water Quality Coordinator
Direct: 709 746 2538

August Guo

Research and Development Coordinator
Ext: 2225

Megan Dicks

Research and Development Support

Ludo Feyen, Ing.

Senior Science Advisor

Sales & Marketing

Louis DeDecker

Agriculture Sales Manager
Direct: 416-671-5164

Mike Brennan

Small Systems Sales Manager
Direct: 613-301-9880

Tracy Lalonde

Product Development Manager
Direct: 613-330-3370

Joy Knowles

Communications and Marketing Support

Jay Rutland

Authorized AVIVETM Regional Representative
/Dealer for North-Western Ontario
Direct: 807.708.2711

Tony D’Angelo

Authorized AVIVETM Regional Representative
/Dealer for North-Western Ontario
Direct: 807.629.5711