sanecotecTHE COMPANY

Water is a Global challenge. In fulfilling its Mission, SanEcoTec is uniquely positioned to bring relief to water issues around the world.

SanEcoTec brings innovation and expertise together with a common vision of adopting sustainable water treatment practices. SanEcoTec works with North American customers and partners, and exports Canadian application know-how to create social dividends for other countries while continuing to re-invest financial gain in Canada.

About AVIVE™ Water

  • AVIVE™ provides an effective alternative to chlorine in secondary disinfection. AVIVE™ aims to restore water to its natural, healthy state.
  • AVIVE™ is a water treatment process that involves the use of hydrogen peroxide, which is naturally occurring in nature and in the human body.
  • Hydrogen peroxide “oxygenates” water – which means the water is revitalized.

Find out more about AVIVE™ go to: www.avivewater.com

The Business Of Water

Healthy water is a valuable enterprise

World markets are poised for massive infrastructure improvements to update aging water facilities.

SanEcoTec provides singular value-add opportunities for communities, homes, businesses and farms to an extent not possible at any time ever.

As the fundamentals of water treatment and delivery are modernized, SanEcoTec is focused on delivering immense value to all stakeholders by providing healthy water as nature intended.

The Social Value

Ripple effects for the whole community

Nothing endows a community with good health as much as good water.

Biologically, fiscally, agriculturally and esthetically healthy water is an enabler and a metaphor. It can serve as a reflection of a community’s values.

When a community improves its water it improves its life and the goodwill invested in water has a compounding positive ripple effect across all lives.

The Personal Benefit

“My water looks better, tastes better… my clothes are cleaner; even the coffee tastes like it should.” – Killaloe resident

“AVIVE™ is one of the most significant innovations in municipal drinking water since the introduction of chlorine as a primary disinfectant more than a century ago,” says Andy Valickis, P.Eng., OCWA’s Director (A) of Engineering Services. “The AVIVE™ technology represents a new viable disinfection alternative for communities that are grappling with the potentially adverse health implications associated with trihalomethanes and other chlorine-related byproducts.”

– as authored by the Ontario Clean Water Agency for Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine, May – June 2013