SanEcoTec Water Profiling has immediate value in helping develop long-term strategy and water management plans.
SanEcoTec Water Profiling analyzes 56 different parameters – including:

  • Assessing and modeling the impacts of changes to your water, including:
    • pH
    • Organic and inorganic materials
    • Metals and bacteriological factors
    • Precursors of bacterial contamination
  • Developing a complete water profile – including toxicology, chemistry and biology
  • Interviewing key personnel
  • Complete due diligence on your water system.  Including:
    • Best-practices benchmarking
    • Detailing operating parameters
    • Site visit

SanEcoTec Water Profiling Report includes:

  • Detailed assessment/reporting of upside potential
  • Detailed asset appraisal (age, stage, capacity, capability)
  • Interpretation of data and implications for safety and water quality
  • Operational recommendations for health and safety compliance