Water Health Index Platform

Combining water know-how with advanced data analytics for better water


Water quality management platform capable of advanced data analytics to improve water.

The Water Health Index App provides online detection of fluctuations of key parameters that indicate where water is at risk. The App also provides the tools needed for clients to prevent and manage risk, while optimising water quality and health.

The Platform can minimize risk, reduce cost, improve control, enhance the safety and performance of water systems.

Greenhouse Facility Canada, Early Adopter

“Tangible benefits include reduction in disease pressures and scrap – reduction in customer claims. Expansion has been supported well by improved water management”

SPI Unit in Greenhouse

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Analytics Chart. Gartners®

The Platform can anticipate and provide customers with suggested remediation of a water problem – remotely – hours, or sometimes days, ahead of a potential emergency.

The Water Health Index Platform builds on analytic steps to improve water management, in real time:

  • Monitors, analyses, controls KPIs
  • Integrates with building or PLC automation
  • Functions alone or with supplied hardware
  • Provides advanced analytics, secure data capture and verifiable record-keeping
  • Predictive and prescriptive reporting provides actionable insight

Ludo Feyen Ing, MSc.
Labo Derva Laboratories, Belgium;
Science Advisor to SanEcoTec Ltd.

‘The Water Health Index is the calculated risk of how closely water quality approaches heathy water for a specific application. We have found that certain parameters can serve as useful indicators of outcomes. The purpose of the WHI calculation is to select those parameters, monitored in the field and tested in the lab, that provide the most meaningful information and insight to make them prescriptive so to optimize water health and quality.’

Benefits of the Water Health Index

Centralized system that delivers local success.

Benefits include…

  • The cost of prevention less than the cost of an emergency
  • Consistent, targeted water health
  • Spec-compliant safety
  • Optimized productivity
  • Verifiable risk management
  • Responsive risk mitigation
  • Precision-reporting of water KPIs
  • Lower operating cost
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Function independently or with supplied hardware

Greenhouse Facility, Canada, Early Adopter

“We see the difference already in water quality and have made a number of significant improvements. We like the Water Health Index Platform and are already recommending to other clients.”

Woman inspecting Greenhouse