The SPI™ system is the new generation of automated and highly accurate photometric methods to monitor water chemistry. It provides a superior ability to control and maintain water quality.


Be in Control  SPI continuously checks and controls disinfectant residuals and other parameters such as pH at exactly the right level. Monitor from anywhere  SPI offers real time reporting and control from remote locations via network or secure Internet connections.
Stay alert  The SPI unit will give warnings and alarms when water treatment strays from desired parameters. Maintain residual effortlessly  The peroxide or chlorine level is automatically regulated so that a consistent residual is always present.
Increase accuracy and simplicity  SPI eliminates the labour with taking water samples and making adjustments to disinfectant levels manually. Automate compliance  SPI simplifies the process of staying within safety and compliance guidelines.

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SPI™ is owned and managed under a shared agreement between SanEcoTec and SEM, a company based in The Netherlands that  custom-engineers water treatment equipment.