COVID has accelerated water’s digitalization.

There is an evident need for in-line systems to measure water parameters, diagnose water quality problems, and to provide feedback to optimize the water treatment process continuously.

Jim Shubat, Co-Founder and CTO: We know water. We teach water managers the incremental benefits of high-performance water. Better outcomes flow when you treat your water well. You can’t have a healthy and strong community or business without water security. We are uncompromising about an immediate and direct return on investment in reducing water risk.

SanEcoTec is a Canadian clean-tech company using SMART systems for better water.

  • At the forefront of data-driven risk management strategies  
  • Know-how that incorporates real-world best practices with underlying peer-reviewed science
  • A team of engineers and problem solvers, with dedication to sustainability
  • Strong datasets – across many segments – developed with scientific rigor
  • Owner of patented systems and award-winning water health programs

. ​

Remote risk reduction with improved performance.

  • Precision agriculture
  • Crop science 
  • Food processing
  • Municipalities
  • Pools, resorts
  • Public buildings

What were once ambitions are now essentials…

‘SMART monitoring and control of a water supply can reduce health and safety risks. Data-driven control systems – combined with imaginative water know-how – can optimize treatment processes and improve water integrity. This reduces operational cost, extends the useful life of infrastructure, and enhances water performance. And unlocks the value of water.’ – Els Vanbeckevoort, Co-Founder and CEO