Simplify Water with SPI®

Water is complex.

But water quality monitoring and control doesn’t have to be.

SPI® is an advanced on-line colorimetric solution for monitoring and controlling disinfectant residuals and other important water quality parameters.

“SPI simplifies the process,” says Robert Tyssen, Engineering Project Manager at SanEcoTec® Ltd. “You don’t have to take samples by hand and SPI provides an accurate and precise measurement for whatever parameter you’re concerned with.”

SPI P170

The SPI P170, which measures hydrogen peroxide residuals, and the SPI C170, which measures chlorine residuals, come pre-assembled and mounted on panels for easy installation. Both models monitor pH levels and flow and can control temperature and other parameters. A colorimetrical measurement method means that external factors like pH or water impurities do not affect readings for chlorine or peroxide.

“SPI is an important part of many of our AVIVE® systems,” says Tyssen. AVIVE is the award-winning water treatment system designed by SanEcoTec which incorporates leading technology, like SPI, with a proprietary stabilized hydrogen peroxide, called Huwa-San®, for secondary disinfection. “SPI is appropriate for use in greenhouses, food processing plants, dental offices, municipal drinking water projects, and pool and spa facilities.”

SPI is fully automated after the initial set-up.

“In many operations, especially in public drinking water where public health is a top priority, it’s essential that we can accurately and precisely monitor the residual levels of disinfectant. And do so in real-time,” says Tyssen.

“SPI allows remote, real-time monitoring,” continues Tyssen. “From our main office in Ottawa, we can see flow rate, peroxide residual and the pH levels of the drinking water in Sunnyside, Newfoundland. SPI isn’t just about visibility – so long as the SPI is connected to the internet, we can change the settings remotely. Which means if a problem occurs, we could troubleshoot from provinces away.”

Another feature of SPI is its ability to compare the measured hydrogen peroxide and pH levels against previous user-programmed setpoints and then automatically control the dosing systems to deliver the optimal amount of peroxide or pH adjustment to maintain the required levels.

SPI is a valuable tool in process optimization. SPI can connect to pre-installed control and automation systems, including

SPI D141 Handheld

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, allowing seamless integration with the rest of the process. Charts and reports can be exported from the control panel to identify valuable trends.


In some cases, a preassembled SPI P170 board may not be required and a D141 Handheld can be used instead. A D141 uses the same technology as the board but is transportable and can be used by field operators to measure hydrogen peroxide, free available chlorine, total available chlorine and pH. It can also be used to calibrate the P170 board.

“Water will always have its mysteries,” concludes Tyssen. “But with SPI, we’re at least able to accurately, repeatedly and swiftly monitor, maintain, and control residuals.”

SPI P170 boards and D141 handhelds are available for purchase from SanEcoTec.