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Interview with the Founders

Els Vanbeckevoort and Jim Shubat started SanEcoTec out of their home in 2010 with a vision that Healthy Water Can Change the World.  A decade later – and with worldwide seismic shifts occurring daily – they believe in their vision even more.

How is SanEcoTec coping with the pandemic?

Els: We’re grateful for the opportunity to continue to provide Healthy Water programs and also to apply our knowledge in new ways to meet the increased demand for sanitizers. There’s no one single solution to the COVID situation and to sustainable infection control practices in general.  The best that can be done is to apply sensible precautions to everyday tasks, and to practice and trust good science.  We’re happy to be in a position to help.

Jim: I would add that our employees, customers and their families have remained healthy and enormously supportive during this time.  As we look forward we see many new possibilities for a healthier planet working with people like them.

You mentioned the increased demand for sanitizers.  Can you describe what you’ve done in this area?

Els: Early during the pandemic we began working with the Federal Government to address the expected shortage of sanitizers and sanitization – sanitizers of all kinds to help flatten the curve. We were able to provide extensive science reporting on the efficacy of hydrogen peroxide as a sanitizer following all the Regulatory work we had already done on hydrogen peroxide as a drinking water disinfectant.  As a result, we’re in a position to provide non-alcohol/no-harsh-chemical sanitizers for homes, offices and restaurants

Do you think the world’s focus has shifted from Healthy Water to pathogen control?

Jim: Certainly, we have a heightened awareness of germ control from the last three months. And prevention and containment of virus spread are obviously top-of-mind But sustainable pathogen control is an important piece of the model for Healthy Water, and when you look at how spending on infrastructure is going to change in the post-COVID era, Healthy Water is going to be essential to long-term health and safety.  It’s a terrible crisis and many have suffered greatly.  Still we see how the world has been presented with a golden opportunity to live better, more sustainably and more conscientiously… that’s what’s exciting about what we are doing Healthy Water can change the world.