Delivering positive economic and social impacts is essential to responsible water management, now and in the future.

The SanEcoTec water management process is built on four principles, acting together, forming an effective Integrated Water Sustainability program, promoting:

  • Economic Viability
  • Environmental Integrity
  • Community Resiliency
  • Promoting Health and Vitality

Integrated Water Sustainability

We are serious about our role as ‘custodians of a sacred trust’.
SanEcoTec is an advanced water technology company.

The Company creates healthy water programs and products for communities, homes, business and agriculture.

The Company is known for innovation in natural technologies and know-how, and applies the four principles of Integrated Water Sustainability to all its products and practices:

  1. Economic Viability
    • Methods that are efficient, affordable and capable of realizing savings immediately and over time
  2. Environmental Integrity
    • Maintaining net-neutral environmental impacts, and seeking to enhance the current status quo of all natural resources
  3. Community Resiliency
    • Helping shared infrastructure respond quickly to extreme weather and other emergencies
  4. Promoting Health and Vitality
    • Providing healthy water for humans, animals and plants to improve growth and development

The principles of Integrated Water Sustainability inform everything SanEcoTec does.