Industrial Water

A Safer Solution

By removing harsh chemicals and controlling pathogens, our AVIVE® water treatment system offers unique solutions for safer conditions and long-term sustainability.

Food Processing

Industrial Process Water

Water Reuse & Recycling

Rethink the way water works

Chemical-free. Chlorine-free. Harm-free. Our AVIVE® water treatment system is a safer, more sustainable solution to support water demands. Plus, it’s optimized to save you time and money on water management, from lowering operating costs to energy savings.

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Water safety first — always.

AVIVE® eliminates dependence on harsh chemicals and reduces harmful bacteria.

AVIVE® allows food processing and industrial process water to function more efficiently.

AVIVE® uses fewer chemicals and less water.

AVIVE® Industrial Benefits

Improves Safety & Reduces Risk

Improves Water Quality

Reduces Cost

Ongoing Support & Monitoring

Water Repurposing, Reuse and Recycling

Process Water Optimization

The AVIVE® Advantage:

Increased energy savings. Improved safety. Better efficiency. When it comes to healthy water, we are uncompromising.

Trust the highest standards, all backed by an affordable water program that enhances your current operation. Our AVIVE® water treatment system has been carefully and diligently engineered based on global best practices, and, as a result, has earned us a number of awards in clean water technology.

Start your SanEcoTec® experience today, and begin enjoying the benefits of AVIVE®.

Water Wisdom

Huwa-San® Peroxide is more effective at lower concentrations and single doses than other disinfectants.

AVIVE® systems uses fewer chemicals and less water—which means a reduction in harmful bacteria and an increase in energy savings. AVIVE® provides immediate return on investment by avoiding ongoing wastewater surcharges and chemical cost for pH adjustment.

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