Better Water is Good Business

Any time, all the time, water managers need to know the health of their water.

Risk must be managed constantly, and water treatment processes optimized continuously. Good risk management needs to anticipate and respond to events that elevate threat levels.

SanEcoTec is a leader in using Advanced Water Data Analytics to manage risk and improve performance.

‘Prevention costs less than remediation. Caution from around the world advises don’t wait for the next emergency.’

Letter to the Federal Cabinet from CWWA/ACEPU, 2021

‘The cost of water risks could be five times greater than the cost of acting now to prevent those risks. More than 590 investors with US$110 trillion in assets in 50 countries are requesting companies disclose water security impacts, risks, and actions. “The water crisis must be approached with the same emergency and innovation as the COVID-19 crisis – and the business case for action is clearer now more than ever.’

– CDP Global Disclosure, Wave of Change Report, 2021

A Case for Managing Risk

Managing risk empirically is essential to water health.

Water risk is variable since water changes like the weather. If these changes are not acted upon in good time – water security can be in peril.

Learn more about how you can respond to water variability with Advanced Water Data Analytics to manage risk and improve performance.

Digital Tools for Risk Management

COVID has accelerated water managers’ use of digital tools to reduce risk.

Water health management is at a critical moment. It is imperative to develop in-line systems to measure water parameters, diagnose water quality problems, and to provide alerts to manage risk in all water treatment processes.

SanEcoTec Advanced Water Data Analytics provides Predictive and Prescriptive alerts and solutions.

Raw data can be like confetti, without apparent patterns. With advanced analytics, data can help predict the future, avoid catastrophe and create opportunity.

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If there were any lingering doubts about the necessity of digital transformation, the coronavirus has silenced them. With rare exception, operating digitally is the only way to stay in business through mandated shutdowns and restricted activity. It’s go digital, or go dark.

Digital Transformation in the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Era

‘The chemicals used for water quality need to be compatible with good environmental practices and not lead to an increased chemical load in the watershed and the soil. Synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and disinfectants, all have a role to play in environmental pollution. A lack of resilience in soil and water can lead to overgrowth of negative microbiology and disease pressures. Reducing the need for pesticides and fertilizers, increasing resilience of water, reducing and optimizing the quantity and quality of disinfectants, sustainable filtration, closed wastewater solutions, and an integrated approach, can all contribute to good water health outcomes.’

Yamuna Vadasarukkai Ph.D., P.Eng.
R&D Manager SanEcoTec Ltd.

What is Water Health?

Water health is a measure of the biology and chemistry of water and directly affects outcomes in water use, such as in agriculture, food processing, industry, and drinking water.

Healthy water leads to healthier outcomes for people, plants, and the planet.

For example, in greenhouses, it is important to define the key performance indicators (‘KPIs’) of water health. An agricultural water matrix needs to support renewable agricultural practices and become a closed system. Healthy water for agriculture means balanced, resilient and microbiologically safe water with by-products or toxins minimized or eliminated. Optimal agricultural water systems also consider use and re-use to minimize use of energy and other resources.

Manage from a position of knowledge with the SanEcoTec Water Health Index.

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