Healthy Water. Healthy Future.

If it’s true that a wise person surrounds himself with people smarter, brighter, and more forward thinking than himself, then I am the wisest old sage in the room. I have the pleasure of being associated with the most awesome team of engineers, water scientists, marketing and administrative personnel I have ever had the pleasure of sharing a board room, a conference call, or a cause with.

You are all standing with us today on the precipice of something truly great. Something unique. Something that has never been done to date on this planet since man sought out a drink of safe, clean water. Water has been disinfected the same way for over a hundred years. Hydrogen peroxide has been around for a long time as well – but never like this. Never allowing a residual to stay in solution with a mechanism of action like Huwa-San® Peroxide has. Never introduced into the distribution system with years of science, research, and trial and error to find the best practices, using a total systematic approach like the AVIVE® program.

We at SanEcoTec® feel it’s time for a change. We see a better way. A natural, sustainable way, without chlorine and the harmful chemical reactions it creates. Our hope is, that after today, you will share that vision with us.

A vision where your tap water tastes so good, bottled water companies become like the tobacco companies and have to diversify and find something else to sell so they can stop filling our landfills and polluting our oceans with plastic.

A vision that allows the animal production industry a healthier, safer, more profitable and more productive alternative. A vision that makes municipal, regulated and monitored wells in places like rural schools, retirement homes, churches, campgrounds, and all ground water exposed to public access, safe and great tasting without the chemical taste and harmful by-products chlorine leaves in its wake.

A vision where restaurants and other public food handling venues don’t have to mix and use harsh chemicals to control bacteria when sanitizing surfaces. Where greenhouses and growers have a sustainable way to treat blight and disease, increase production, and enjoy longer shelf life for their products. A vision that allows vacationers in the mountains or at the lake to not have to carry their drinking water in plastic jugs but have safe, great tasting water literally at their fingertips. This is just the beginning of where we see SanEcoTec taking us.

The water treatment industry is a scattered, unorganized entity as a whole. The franchise and “used car sales” approach has given us a black eye. In many cases, even after treatment, people still buy their drinking water in plastic bottles or must install expensive distillation or reverse osmosis equipment, stripping all of the mineral value from water they consume. I have devoted a career to making water better – removing iron, sulfur, manganese, hardness, tannic acids, chlorinating to oxidize, chlorinating to disinfect. A great deal of my time has been spent training independent contractors and dealers much like yourselves on how to install, maintain, and troubleshoot these systems. But NEVER have I been involved in making water healthier.

Our mantra is Healthy Water Can Change The World. We know that it will.

Jim Mullins is the Key Account Manager for the Agricultural Segment at SanEcoTec. | 613.491.0525 ext. 2227