SanEcoTec brings global best practices to solve North American problems.

Some of our technologies originated in Europe and we have strong ties to the EU where water quality standards are leading edge.

By necessity Europe has developed an advanced set of methods for analyzing, evaluating and treating water to meet large population needs and environmental requirements borne over the centuries of their existence.

Europe’s approach is that they need cleaner water, because when it goes back into their source supply they have fewer water resources to treat and need to keep water clean by necessity.  There is little they can waste.

As a result, Europe has less water-borne disease and creates fewer by-products through their treatment methods. Europe’s laws are tougher on the quality of water and as a result, European water is among the best water in the world.

SanEcoTec has developed a know-how applying these technologies, adhering to a higher standard in each of its consulting assignments to provide superior solutions to longstanding challenges.

Our advanced Water Profiling and diagnostics, combined with innovative approaches, provide useful insight in developing sustainable water management strategies.