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Increased Energy Savings & Lower Operating Costs

AVIVE® water treatment solutions help save energy and lower operating costs. Our commercial water solutions are made for these reasons.

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Protect your business with healthy water

Expect safe and sustainable solutions that make an impact on de-risking your business and the environment.

Adapting to your current infrastructure, AVIVE® delivers an affordable, easy-to-use alternative for ultimate control of your operations and a safer, more secure building.

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Commercial Water Filtration Systems by AVIVE®

Most commercial properties face the difficult task of balancing water quality with cost savings. Such challenges inspired SanEcoTec® to create a water treatment system that controls harsh plumbing pathogens (bacteria and other microorganisms) and biofilm (slimy build-up) and offers energy savings.

While chlorine, a traditional water treatment, has done its job for the last century, its inherent flaws have recently come to light. Chlorine does not effectively control biofilm or Legionella (the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease) and has been found to create harmful disinfection by-products that are linked to cancer.

We maintain the highest quality standards in water.

Our AVIVE® water treatment systems use a chlorine alternative to immediately control plumbing pathogens without the creation of disinfection by-products.

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AVIVE® Commercial Building Benefits

Improves Safety

Reduces Risk

Extends Life of Infrastructure

Cost Savings

Return on Investment

Ongoing Support & Monitoring

The AVIVE® Advantage:

With AVIVE®, we provide superior control and water that enhances the security and safety of your business.

SanEcoTec® uses and develops technologies that work harder for you. Put your mind at ease knowing your water is of the highest quality.

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Water Wisdom

Every year hundreds of thousands of people are infected with the Legionella bacteria.

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe, and often lethal, form of pneumonia. Commonly found in building plumbing systems, Legionella has recently gained notoriety. It is commonly referred to as the Silent Killer.

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