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A Christmas Gift, one happy resident dubbed Milltown’s new water. Installed December 4, the AVIVE™ Municipal Drinking Water System was still in the initial stages of operation when residents saw drastic changes. “It’s only been a week and the comments from residents are absolutely mind blowing,” said Milltown Mayor, Jerry Kearley. “’Have you…(Read More)

Celebrating Water

March is the month of water. Whether you want to celebrate, advocate or meditate on water for a month, week or day, March has you covered. Water Action Month The organization, End Water Poverty, works to raise awareness of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation (recognized by the UN in 2010). As part of…(Read More)

Newfoundland has a lot of water challenges. Due to difficult raw water and weather conditions and the limitations of traditional chemical water treatments, many municipalities don’t have easy access to healthy drinking water. Currently Milltown is no exception, but soon it will be. Milltown’s water has low pH, iron and tannin issues, and…(Read More)

Water to Take to the Bank

There are a few things everyone counts on: The car starting That important e-mail sending Your home’s drinking water being healthy and high quality Whether it’s for drinking, bathing or cooking, being able to count on the quality of the water in your home is important. Sometimes, that’s not as simple…(Read More)

It has been a big year for SanEcoTec and AVIVE™ Systems. We are thankful and proud of our Company’s projects, our team’s accomplishments and the progress made towards a water sustainable future and a world of Healthy Water. Among our corporate values, we advocate for healthy water as essential to all. As a…(Read More)

Published in: Water conservation can sound like a fancy way of saying, “turn off the tap” and with our abundance of fresh water, turning off the tap may seem unnecessary and inconvenient. But in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” The small things we do today will decide what…(Read More)

Great Outdoor Farm Show From September 12-13, SanEcoTec was at the well-attended Great Outdoor Farm Show, sharing a booth with Ballagh Liquid Technologies. The event was a success for attendees and exhibitors, including SanEcoTec, which made valuable new contacts. Ottawa Fall Home Show From September 28 to October 1, team members from SanEcoTec…(Read More)

In only a few weeks, the National Water and Wastewater Conference is being held in St. John’s, Newfoundland, from November 5-8. The SanEcoTec team has already begun preparations for the Conference where Robert Tyssen, Engineering Project Manager, will be presenting a Case Study on sustainable approaches to drinking water treatment in Newfoundland and…(Read More)

As a province, Newfoundland has a lot of water challenges. Many municipalities don’t have easy access to healthy drinking water due to extreme weather and an over-reliance on traditional chemical water treatments. Which is why SanEcoTec is so proud to be working on a municipal water treatment system for Milltown, Newfoundland, with the…(Read More)

OTTAWA, ON – SanEcoTec is proud to expand its team with the addition of August Guo as Research and Development Coordinator. August will support and advance Company R&D goals and will coordinate in-house laboratory testing and trouble-shooting capabilities to advance product development. August will be working closely with the SanEcoTec engineering team…(Read More)