Healthy, clean water from every tap.
That’s the AVIVE® difference

Healthy Water. Better Life.

AVIVE® is the award-winning water treatment solution from SanEcoTec®. AVIVE® costs less, performs better, and has a more positive impact on people, businesses, and the environment than any other form of water treatment.

With established methodologies and new technologies AVIVE® is at the cutting edge of water innovation. Our founders and engineers are passionate about water and believe that new standards using global best practices will ensure better, healthier lives for everyone.

AVIVE® water treatment systems:

When you turn on the tap and clean, healthy water fills your glass, that’s the AVIVE® system at work. The system is an engineered solution that combines key technologies with alternative disinfection methods to provide healthy water. The individual elements of a system vary depending on the application—for instance agriculture vs. residential—but the design and engineering always follow an AVIVE® healthy water program.

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AVIVE® healthy water programs:

To correctly and safely build a house, a careful plan must be followed. Similarly, the design and engineering of an AVIVE® water treatment system follows an AVIVE® healthy water program.

The program determines how we provide our expertise from pre-sale to post-system installation through comprehensive service support, including unparalleled real-time, 24/7 monitoring. Much like our systems, our programs may also vary depending on the needs of the application and customer.

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AVIVE® products:

AVIVE® products are the individual components of an AVIVE® system. To build the best and most effective system, we carefully select each product and continually develop and test our line up.

  • Huwa-San® Peroxide
  • SPI®
  • WaterShed®
  • Enviro-mats
  • cATP test kits

Huwa-San® Peroxide

A new generation of hydrogen peroxide with enhanced stability and targeted reactivity. As an alternative to traditional chemicals like chlorine, Huwa-San® Peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen.

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An advanced, automated, and highly accurate water chemistry monitoring instrument. SPI® uses colourimetric methods to monitor disinfectant residuals and other important water quality parameters, like pH. It provides real-time reporting, using fixed-remote or portable monitoring capabilities.

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An independent and prebuilt water treatment package that houses an AVIVE® system. All equipment is tested and calibrated pre-shipping so that once on-site it can be easily positioned for convenience and optimization, as a simple ‘plug-in’ to the existing plumbing and electrical systems of current infrastructure.

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An essential safeguard in preventing cross contamination and controlling the spread of viruses and bacterial or fungal disease. They can be applied in greenhouses, farming operations or industrial kitchens and processing.

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cATP test kits

Troubleshooting and risk management tools for measuring microbial content in water. With on-site testing capabilities, the kits provide immediate feedback for pre-emptive problem solving. Each kit includes reagents.

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Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Water Treatment

SanEcoTec® has adopted Huwa-San® Peroxide (HSP) for our AVIVE® water treatment systems. Unlike many harsh chemicals used in water treatment, our stabilized hydrogen peroxide creates no by-products and controls biofilm and opportunistic plumbing pathogens (which includes harmful bacteria). HSP is a natural disinfectant that breaks down to water and oxygen. Huwa-San® Peroxide is the approved disinfectant with AVIVE® systems. It is available through SanEcoTec® in Canada and the U.S. and with our partners in other parts of the world.

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Stop the problem at the source and protect the future—with AVIVE® water treatment solutions

Every AVIVE® solution is unique to the buyer. The major benefits and applications can be characterized within the following:







AVIVE® Benefits

Clean, Healthy Water

Improves Safety & Reduces Risk

Addresses Your Specific Needs

Fast Return on Investment

Supports the Environment

Ongoing Support & Monitoring

Healthy Water.
Better Life.

Water is the backbone of a community.

When water is unsafe at school, children are sent home. When water is unsafe in hospitals, patients are at risk. When water is unsafe at home, communities are in a state of emergency.

Empty schools do not educate children. Hospitals at risk cannot properly care for patients. Communities in crisis do not thrive.

There is overwhelming evidence of unsafe water’s consequences, for example, First Nation communities, cities like Flint, Michigan, and numerous developing countries. Healthy water is essential for healthy communities.

The new standard, water that supports good health, will see communities prosper. Healthy water makes for profitable businesses, productive farms and greenhouses, efficient processes, and happy homes.

The need for healthy water motivates us to pioneer water treatment systems for residential households all the way to commercial operations and entire cities. With clean water technology, passion and expertise, we continue to be at the forefront of the healthy water movement.

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