avive water

Healthy Water. Better Life.

The AVIVE™ system is a comprehensive analysis and monitoring program which aims to restore water to its natural, healthy state.

AVIVE™ provides economic viability, environmental integrity and community resiliency while promoting health and wellness.

AVIVE™ is a four step water treatment process that applies innovative technologies and products, such as Huwa-San® Peroxide, to provide customized water treatment solutions.

avive 4 step


  • Water sampling to develop a comprehensive water profile
  • Assess AVIVE™ compatibility with existing systems/equipment
  • Discovery report to summarize findings and recommendations


  • Synthesize a treatment solution based on the data collected in the Discovery stage
  • Develop engineering drawings and design documents
  • Consultation with SanEcoTec partners


  • SanEcoTec team members play an active role in construction and commissioning of new systems to ensure effective and efficient operations.


  • Water testing to verify optimal performance
  • Develop operating procedures and best practices
  • Huwa-San® Peroxide (“HSP”), DelgecoTrace Element Technology, SPI™ verification and control systems and ATP testing.