Advanced Water Data Analytics

A Leader in Advanced Water Data Analytics

SanEcoTec is an award-winning Canadian clean-tech company using advanced water data analytics for better water.

The Company serves multiple business segments providing each with improved water quality, reduced risk and lower operating cost.

For over a decade SanEcoTec R&D has been a step ahead…science-based, purpose-driven, not afraid. Research that is committed to solving problems and finding solutions. The Company is at the forefront of data-driven risk management strategies, with know-how that incorporates real-world best practices built on peer-reviewed science.

SanEcoTec’s team of engineers and problem solvers are confronting the intractable challenges of water from fresh new perspectives and scientific innovations, with a devotion to supporting water’s universal role in achieving each of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

More than ten years of field work and laboratory study have produced strong datasets – across multiple business segments – that support machine-learning algorithms for advanced data analytics. The Company owns several patented systems as well as being recognized for numerous award-winning water health programs.

Jim Shubat
SanEcoTec Co-Founder and CTO

‘We know water. We teach water managers the incremental benefits of high-performance water. Better outcomes flow when you treat your water well. You can’t have a healthy and strong community or business without water security. We are uncompromising about an immediate and direct return on investment that comes from reducing water risk.’

Advanced Water Data Analytics at Work

Proactive • preventive • predictive • Prescriptive

Risk reduction based on science.

Working with customers, SanEcoTec can help anticipate water problems, and create new possibilities – as an ongoing process.

Every application is subject to critical analysis to deliver higher standards and better outcomes in each of the following business segments:

  • Precision agriculture
  • Crop science
  • Food processing
  • Municipalities
  • Pools, resorts
  • Public buildings

Each application is a distributed system that is highly agile – tailored for each customer – and purpose-built based on an aggregate of correlated data.

Els, Co-founder

Els Vanbeckevoort
SanEcoTec Co-Founder and CEO

‘Advanced data analytics, from monitoring and control of a water supply, can reduce health and safety risks. Data-driven control systems – combined with imaginative water know-how – can optimize treatment processes and improve water integrity. This reduces operational cost, extends the useful life of infrastructure, and enhances water performance. These science-based approaches were wildly ambitious just a few years ago…now they’re essential.’