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  • SanEcoTec founded


  • Huwa-San® Peroxide approved NSF/ANSI Standard 60 (safe for drinking water)
  • First AVIVE installations in Private Residences.


  • EcoCert Approval for Huwa-San Peroxide
  • Development of AVIVE installations
  • First Regulated sites and IP Development


  • Killaloe, ON first municipal Pilot Project for secondary disinfection – reduced THMs by 75%
  • AVIVE is one of the most significant innovations in municipal drinking water since the introduction of chlorine as a primary disinfectant more than a century ago…
    — Former Ontario Clean Water Agency’s Director of Engineering Services
  • Small Systems Development


  • First AVIVE application in farming – animal husbandry, greenhouse and field – Canada and U.S.
  • Dairy Farm Case Study begins October 2013
  • Acquisition and development of SPI® Process Control Technology
  • Validation of the AVIVE Water Treatment Solution – using Huwa-San hydrogen peroxide – as an alternative to chlorine-based disinfection technologies by Lisa Kraemer, Gord Balch, Heather Broadbent, Matt Lutzi and Brent C. Wootton, Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment, Fleming College (March)
  • Results: THM concentrations lowered by up to 75% compared to sodium hypochlorite; microbial suppressive capability of HSP; and HSP stable in hot water


  • Patent submissions and portfolio development
  • Beginning of Sunnyside, NL municipal Pilot Project
  • Water Quality Optimization Pilot in conventional greenhouses
  • Water Quality Optimization Pilots in organic greenhouses


  • Clean50 Top15 Project Award Winner and People’s Choice Award Winner
  • 2nd Public Drinking Water Pilot
  • Dairy Farm Crossover Study ends (June) – water consumption per cow was 26-31% higher with increases in milk quality and quantity
  • Antibacterial Properties and Mechanism of Activity of a Novel Silver-Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide, by Nancy Martin, Paul Bass, and Steven Liss, Plos One (July)
  • Results: Huwa-San significantly more effective than generic peroxide
  • Tuberculated Pipe Study – Phase 1, by Barbara Siembida-Lösch and Brent C. Wootton, Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment, Fleming College
  • Results: Huwa-San equal or better materials compatibility than chlorine


  • Health Canada Letter of No Objection (LONO) for food contact sanitizer (May)
  • Water’s Next Drinking Water Award (June)
  • Beginning of Milltown, NL third municipal Pilot Project
  • Closed Loop Water Recirculation System for the Study of Tuberculated Pipe and Drinking Water by Colin Guthrie, Barbara Siembeda-Losch, Gordon Balch, Jim Shubat and Ludo Feyen (November)
  • Results: No evidence that switching to HSP disinfectant provokes negative change in water quality by disturbing pre-existing tubercles


  • Clean50 Leadership Award Honouree for 2018 (Els Vanbeckevoort)
  • Food processing – comparative microbiology shows better results in washing of fruits and vegetables
  • Developing multi-barrier approach and expansion of greenhouse monitoring system at organic greenhouse
  • Launch of fully developed Residential program – AVIVE Healthy Water Systems for the home (March)
  • SanEcoTec secures first Patent and continues to develop portfolio
  • First letter of Pilot Approval from Provincial Ministry of the Environment for first municipal pilot project in NL (Sunnyside)
  • Installation of third municipal pilot


  • Belgian government approves Huwa-San and SPI process control for legionella control in drinking water systems
  • Bootstrap Award for Innovation Engineering & Technology
  • Ontario MOECC enables approval process for AVIVE projects (using Huwa-San as a secondary disinfectant) in Ontario for five-year terms
  • Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide and AVIVE process approved technology in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Installation of AVIVE Water Treatment System at first dental practice
  • Letter of Endorsement from Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Canada
  • – HACCP Canada endorses Huwa-San Peroxide  for contributing to broadening the scope of the Food Safety Culture in Canada (July)

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