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SanEcoTec History

A social entrepreneurship founded in 2008 by Els Vanbeckevoort and Jim Shubat as a Canadian clean-tech company using digital systems and controls with advanced water analytics for better water.

The Company has pioneered online detection of fluctuations of certain water parameters to indicate whether the water in a distribution system may be susceptible to a loss of control event.

The Company is recognized as a leader in science-based water innovation for sustainable development and is at the forefront of data-driven risk management strategies.

SanEcoTec applies know-how based on real-world best practices with a broad-based track record of success.

The Company helps customers in agriculture, food processing, public pools, public drinking water and buildings’ water management to manage improved water quality from a position of knowledge.

Notably, the Water Health Index Program helps water managers be predictive and prescriptive in managing their most important asset.

A social entrepreneurship founded in 2008 by Els Vanbeckevoort and Jim Shubat as a Canadian clean-tech company using digital systems and controls with advanced water analytics for better water.

“From first being introduced to SanEcoTec, I had a sense from our growers this was something to take seriously. SanEcoTec are water treatment experts and this knowledge and experience is something our industry needs.”

Owner of one of North America’s leading flowering ornamental growers’

A Values-Based Company

With a vision that Healthy Water Can Change the World, SanEcoTec is focused on protecting and optimizing water health and quality

The Company’s relentless commitment to R&D has produced water management patents and know-how, which have been published in peer-reviewed science journals. Our technicians are experts in digital process control systems and water quality management.

SanEcoTec is comprised of a team of water quality engineers and problem-solvers, whose track record of ​innovation and excellence has created positive outcomes and a legacy of conscientious stewardship and sustainability. The Company stands for verifiable scientific integrity. ​

Company Values:

  • Pursue what works
    We don’t believe in the quick fix—it’s about getting it right. We invest more of ourselves because we care deeply. For us, it’s about simplifying water complexity which only comes with patience,transparency, and extensive knowledge of water.
  • Champion change
    The change we desire can only flow with passion and persistence—which we have in leagues. We will never settle for being stagnant, which means the status quo is always unacceptable.
  • Teach, not preach
    We know water. We are committed to the long-term success of our customers. We work hard to teach them the importance of building a healthy community or business around healthier water.
  • Live more fully
    We believe in responsible stewardship for people, plants and planet. Quality of life is always better when you treat your water well.
  • Build healthy communities and industries
    You can’t have a healthy and strong community or business without water you can depend on. It’s why we are uncompromising about the process to provide a direct return on investment.

“Thank you to SanEcoTec for the amazing change in the drinking water in our Town.”

Former Mayor of a small town in Newfoundland, Canada

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“[SanEcoTec has brought] … one of the most significant innovations in municipal drinking water…[This] technology represents a new viable alternative for communities.”

Former Director of Engineering Services of Canadian provincial water utility

Water Health Indexthe value of prevention is greater than the cost of remediation.

The Water Health Index provides water quality control that measures key water parameters to diagnose and predict water instability trends that can result in loss of water integrity.

SanEcoTec has reported (and independently verified) improvements among key performance indicators, while having a positive effect on people, infrastructure and the environment.

In establishing these proof-points, the Company and its partners have become a world authority on the science and application of digital Process Control Systems and have extensively studied the need for better disinfectant strategies with eco-friendly alternatives to conventional disinfectants.

With more than ten years of in-depth lab research and field application – as well as working under the scrutiny of many different regulatory authorities and jurisdictions – the Company has published foundational, peer-reviewed science that is the singular expertise on how to efficiently, effectively and safely use new and conventional technologies in a water treatment process.


Els Vanbeckevoort
Co-Founder and CEO

Ms. Vanbeckevoort is a Canada’s Clean50 Leader Honouree for her contributions in the water treatment industry. She is an experienced business leader and entrepreneur with early-stage companies for the past 20 years.

Jim Shubat
Co-Founder and CTO

Mr. Shubat has an advanced engineering and project management background from 20 years with Magna Inc. in North America and Europe, and as a leader in water innovation across multiple business sectors for the last 12 years.

Jay Whiteside
Senior Advisor

Mr. Whiteside has a 40-year background in business development among early-stage companies and corporate leaders including McDonald’s and Labatt.

Mark Partington

Mr. Partington has a 20-year senior accounting, governance and operations career with corporate and not-for-profit organizations.

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