Exciting News At SanEcoTec®

Keeping Produce Fresh at Produce Depot

Mid June, Randy Billings, our Key Account Manager for Food & Beverage was at Produce Depot, promoting our Clean5 Fruit & Vegetable Wash. Standing among rows of fresh fruits and vegetables, Randy put our product to the test in front of customers and employees with amazing results. Normally at Produce Depot, selected produce is removed every 15 minutes to stay ahead of spoilage and hourly, targeted produce is either marked down or thrown out. After washing produce in a solution of Clean5 (15 to 20 loads per dose) and spraying it with a concentration of Clean5 (replacing crushed ice which is normally used to maintain freshness) two days later there was still no spoilage!

To get Clean5 Fruit & Vegetable Wash for your business or to learn more about the full line of sanitizers, contact Randy at randy.billings@sanecotec.com.

Clean Machine

SanEcoTec® is proud to announce that its line of Clean products for primary contact surface sanitizing in the food service industry is endorsed and highly recommended by Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Canada (HACCP). HACCP recognizes SanEcoTec’s Clean line, which uses Huwa-San® Peroxide, as a superior sanitizing product.

These sanitizers are non-toxic, non-corrosive, 100% biodegradable and when used as instructed, no-rinse required. They’re perfect for the family home or the industrial kitchen.

Click to read the full Letter of Endorsement

How’s the Coffee? 

A Dundas and a Peterborough location of Tim Hortons now serve coffee and tea made with AVIVE®-treated water. The two projects premiered back in June and early July to excellent results. Employees and customers immediately noticed an improved taste in the water. A third Tim Hortons location, this one in Lindsay, will soon join the roster.

Water Without Borders

Here at SanEcoTec® we believe Healthy Water can change the world, which is why it’s so exciting that AVIVE® Programs and Systems will be offered 14,000 kilometres away from where it all began. AVIVE® Water is coming to New Zealand!

Here We Grow Again

Joining the Company in late May, Jim Mullins has taken charge of our Animal Husbandry, Residential and Small Commercial segments and is busy building the Authorized AVIVE® Dealer Network.  Jim has over 25 years of experience in water treatment and brings great energy, passion and industry know-how to the team. We wish him continued success in his new role.


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