Turning Water Into Wins

  • Right now, 2.1 billion people are without safely managed drinking water services
  • In 30 years, the global water demand could increase by 30%
  • In 2050, 3 billion people could live in water-scarce regions

These are some heavy burdens to take into the future. Without significant changes to industry standards and global resource management, the future looks water-barren.

But the greater the problem, the more innovative the solution.

After winning the Bootstrap Award for Innovation Engineering & Technology, SanEcoTec® CEO, Els Vanbeckevoort spoke with Techopia Live host Carlo Lombardo and Amy MacLeod from Kanata North Business Association about sustainable and alternative treatments for the water industry.

Developed by SanEcoTec, the AVIVE® System and Process is an innovative approach to water treatment that incorporates advanced water process control and monitoring technology with a new generation of hydrogen peroxide that is much more effective. The system is intended to leave water better than it was originally found while remaining economical and energy efficient.

To ensure consistent performance standards, the same principles guide every AVIVE® System. This doesn’t mean every system is identical. Each solution is engineered to meet the specific challenges and needs of the industry application, whether it’s municipal, residential, commercial or agricultural. It enables optimization of the whole water treatment process from pre-treatment to the end-user.

Based in Ontario, SanEcoTec has already begun AVIVE®’s national and international expansion with applications across Canada and in the U.S.

Watch the full interview with Els

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