Challenging North America’s Water Treatment Paradigm

The water industry in Canada is tired.

Water treatment methods and best practices have not changed much since the Canada Water Act of 1970.

For a company like SanEcoTec®, that believes alternative water treatments are needed to provide better and healthier water for the public, a national attachment to conventional chlorine-treatments presents challenges.

After years of intense research and development involving third-party verification and pilot projects, SanEcoTec has recently commercialized its innovative AVIVE® Water Program, which is already in place in several Canadian municipalities.

Commercializing the Program doesn’t mean SanEcoTec is straying from its R&D roots. It continues to pursue scientific credibility – an essential Company value.

SanEcoTec will soon be wrapping up its latest Pilot Project, located in Milltown, Newfoundland, and has already started another research project in partnership with Queen’s University. The Project focuses on changes to the microbiome in a drinking water distribution network when the treatment system switches from chlorine to a new generation of hydrogen peroxide with enhanced stability and targeted reactivity.

The project is financially supported by the Southern Ontario Water Consortium’s Advancing Water Technologies program.

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