Milltown Newfoundland Received an Early Christmas Gift

A Christmas Gift, one happy resident dubbed Milltown’s new water.

Installed December 4, the AVIVE™ Municipal Drinking Water System was still in the initial stages of operation when residents saw drastic changes.

“It’s only been a week and the comments from residents are absolutely mind blowing,” said Milltown Mayor, Jerry Kearley. “’Have you noticed how clear the water is? Did you notice there’s no more stains in the toilet? I can see the bottom of my soaker tub’.”

Like many Newfoundland municipalities, Milltown endured severe water challenges created by a pond water source interacting with conventional water treatment, and unavoidable weather conditions.

Almost 75 per cent of the Town’s water samples from the past two decades had exceeded Health Canada Guidelines in allowed disinfection by-products (DBPs).

DBPs are created when chlorine – used in conventional water treatments – interacts with organics.

Little could be done about the DBPs with the previous water system. Chlorine as a primary disinfectant is required by the Province and the quality of Milltown’s source water required higher than normal chlorine dosing.

SanEcoTec proposed installing AVIVE™, an award-winning water program that uses a type of hydrogen peroxide, – similar to what you can find in the medicine cabinet – as a secondary disinfectant. HSP would remove chlorine from the water, bringing the DBPs well below acceptable limits and maintain bacteriological control – essentially keeping Milltown’s water clean, safe and healthier, with zero taste and odour issues.

A week after installation, the changes in Milltown’s water – although still under a voluntary boil water advisory (vBWA), a standard precaution taken when a change is being made to any drinking water system – were already remarkable.

On January 19th, the vBWA was lifted and residents were finally able to drink their new and vastly improved water.

“The best water I’ve ever tasted, where coffee now tastes like coffee. Thank you so much,” said Mayor Kearley.

Even after system installation and removal of the vBWA, the Milltown Project isn’t over. System monitoring and optimization over the next couple of months is expected. All part of the plan to provide Milltown residents water they can love.

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