Growing the Team

Ottawa, ON – SanEcoTec is the little company that can. In 2017, SanEcoTec doubled its team and in 2018 is in the process of doing so again, starting with the addition of five new team members.

After years spent gaining proof points, and scientific credibility, and the regulatory approvals needed to support the Company’s innovative technologies, SanEcoTec is staffing to bring its award-winning program to even more homes, municipalities, farming and food processing operations.

SanEcoTec’s new team members all share the same passion for a better water future and have the skills, experience and talent to channel that passion into action.

Each of them will be essential in establishing SanEcoTec as a leader in the global water industry.

The Sales Team has grown with the addition of Sean Woodland as Director of Sales. Sean will help build the Sales Team by managing and hiring in-house sales representatives, expanding the Authorized AVIVE™ Dealer Program and extending the Company’s sales and distribution channels in agriculture, food processing and other segments, as they are developed.

SanEcoTec also welcomes Jeff Dwyer and Randy Billings as Key Account Managers who are working directly with Sean.

In addition, the Company is pleased to introduce Robert Abernethy as Director of New Business Development. Robert will be responsible for helping grow SanEcoTec’s global marketplace by finding strategic new business opportunities, building industry relationships and introducing innovative technology applications that align with Company values and goals.

While the Company is focused on commercialization, it remains dedicated to its foundation of scientifically sound evidence and is proud to have Yamuna Vadasarukkai, Ph.D and P.Eng, as the new Research and Development Manager.

“We foresee great things in 2018, not just for the future of the Company, but also in the direction of sustainability as more homes, greenhouses, farms and municipalities adopt environmentally-friendly, productive and healthy methods of water treatment” said SanEcoTec Co-Founders, Els Vanbeckevoort and Jim Shubat.


SanEcoTec is an award-winning Canadian company known for innovation

 in natural and sustainable water treatment technologies.

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