Water to Take to the Bank

There are a few things everyone counts on:

  • The car starting
  • That important e-mail sending
  • Your home’s drinking water being healthy and high quality

Whether it’s for drinking, bathing or cooking, being able to count on the quality of the water in your home is important. Sometimes, that’s not as simple as turning on the tap.

Many Manotick residents, especially residents who are on private systems, deal with water issues. Even municipal water can have its troubles. Homeowners turn to various counter or on-tap water treatments to try and get their water to the quality they desire.

But sometimes there isn’t an easy fix to ensure good taste, smell and colour in your home’s water.

Many of your neighbours have found a solution.


Mary’s Story

With her Manotick home located on a private well system, Mary’s water had severe issues with minerals and high iron content, impacting the taste, smell and colour of her water. The well water was ruining her home’s appliances and developing calcification on the toilet, sink and bathtub.

After years of water problems, several different water treatments, and a lot of research, Mary and her husband came across AVIVE™ Healthy Water Systems.

“After AVIVE™,” says Mary. “Our water was finally the way we felt it should be.”

Mary is passionate about health and the impact good water has on it. When she drinks her AVIVE™ treated water, she knows she’s drinking something that’s good for her and her family.

“I’m spoiled. I always bring my home’s water with me now.”

Charles’ Story

In Gloucester, Charles’ water came from a shallow dug well. It was cloudy, tasted bad and had a foul odour, and he was concerned about bacteria. This March, Charles came across the SanEcoTec booth at the Ottawa Home and Garden Show and by July had his own AVIVE™ home system.

“I was tired of buying bottled water,” says Charles.

His water is now clean, clear, odour free and tastes great. And with AVIVE™, there are no more worries about bacteria.

“The best thing is, my girlfriend loves the water now.”

Steve’s Story

In Ottawa South, Steve’s water came from a drilled well and while the water’s quality wasn’t a concern, the taste was. Steve and his wife love drinking water, but they wouldn’t drink their own, buying bottled water instead. After learning about AVIVE™ from a friend, Steve decided to bid on the System at a special charity auction.

“Best decision. My wife loves our water now,” says Steve. “And I drink more water than ever.”

Manotick-based SanEcoTec owns AVIVE™, and as a Company, it is our mission to create innovative healthy water programs for people, plants and animals using sustainable technologies.

We believe that every homeowner, whether on a private or municipal system, should be able to turn on the tap, knowing that high quality water for drinking, bathing or cooking will come out.

AVIVE™ provides the quality water you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

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