A Special End of the Year Message from our Co-Founders

It has been a big year for SanEcoTec and AVIVE™ Systems. We are thankful and proud of our Company’s projects, our team’s accomplishments and the progress made towards a water sustainable future and a world of Healthy Water.

Among our corporate values, we advocate for healthy water as essential to all. As a Company we believe that Healthy Water Can Change the World.

In the pursuit of this vision for Healthy Water, 2017 has been a progressive and effective year:

This year we developed important and beneficial business relationships with solution providers and distributors in the US and Canada, helping to develop the AVIVE™ Programs for agriculture and small systems.

We are proud of our development in California – when a water-distressed region seeks AVIVE™ solutions, it once-again affirms SanEcoTec’s abilities, together with its local partner, to handle water’s unique challenges.

AVIVE™ Programs continue to improve productivity in Greenhouses and Farms – our fastest growing Canadian business segments.

We completed our Municipal Drinking Water Project in Sunnyside, Newfoundland and started another in Milltown, Newfoundland. “…it’s a relief to speak of our water with pride instead of apology” says the Mayor of Sunnyside.

In 2017, we successfully started the sales program for the AVIVE™ Residential Models, providing high quality and healthier water from every tap in the home so you can Love the Water that Loves You. We are looking forward to working with existing dealers and expanding the program across Canada.

We have secured our first Patent, with more IP development in the works, and in the past year our little Company has grown to 14 people, with plans to add to that again in the next 12 months.

We foresee bigger and better things in 2018, not solely for the future of the Company, but also in the direction of sustainability as more homes, greenhouses, farms and municipalities adopt environmentally-friendly, productive and healthy methods of water treatment.

There is still much work ahead to realize our vision.  As the year comes to an end, we pause – momentarily – to give thanks for all the good received during the year, and also to thank our customers, suppliers, associates and friends who have helped us achieve so much during these past 12 months.  And now we continue.  To leave water better than we found it.



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  1. Thank you to SanEcoTec for the amazing change in the drinking water in Milltown/Hd. Baie D’Espoir. It’s been only a week and the comments from residents are absolutely mind blowing, like ” have you noticed how clear the water is, did you notice there’s no more stains in the toilet and the fact that I can see the bottom of my soaker tub”….. Awesome, thanks so much and we’ve only just begun. What a Christmas gift as one lady remarked.

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