The Little Town that Could: Water for Milltown

As a province, Newfoundland has a lot of water challenges. Many municipalities don’t have easy access to healthy drinking water due to extreme weather and an over-reliance on traditional chemical water treatments. Which is why SanEcoTec is so proud to be working on a municipal water treatment system for Milltown, Newfoundland, with the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment, as part of the Federal and Provincial Clean Water and Waste Water Fund.

Currently Milltown’s municipal water has disinfection by-products (DBPs) that exceed Provincial values. DBPs are created when chlorine interacts with organic material in water. Certain values of DBPs are allowed in water, but it’s much better to have none, since long-term exposure to DBPs has been linked to some cases of colorectal and bladder cancer.

The award-winning AVIVE™ water program will replace chlorine as the secondary disinfectant in water treatment to provide healthier water from every tap in the Town. AVIVE™ programs use HSP, an ion-silver stabilized form of hydrogen peroxide, that is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and better for water. It breaks down into water and oxygen and creates no known harmful DBPS upon interaction with organic material, keeping water within Health Canada values.

Installation of the new municipal system will begin next month.

To read more about Milltown’s water challenges and some of the technology being used in the project, check our Summer newsletter’s story: Portable Solutions for Water Treatment.

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