Portable Solutions for Water Treatment

Milltown, Newfoundland has been through a lot in recent years – Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and a willfully set fire that consumed the school, Town Hall and RCMP detachment. In addition to all this, the municipal drinking water of the Town has pH, iron and colour measures that exceed provincial guidelines.

For a Town that’s been through so much, a bit of good news is in order.

Milltown will soon become one of the first municipalities to implement AVIVE™ for primary oxidation and secondary disinfection treatment in their municipal water system.

The AVIVE™ program, which aims to make more healthy water through leading technology and a new generation of hydrogen peroxide, is already in Sunnyside, Newfoundland and Killaloe, Ontario. Sunnyside faced water challenges primarily due to excessively high chlorine disinfection by-products (DBPs), as well as variant and extreme weather conditions, and was under a mandatory BWA. Killaloe suffered from DBPs created by chlorine and from groundwater under the influence of surface water, leading to the presence of organics and metals – especially manganese – in the groundwater.

Thanks to the AVIVE™ installation, both municipalities benefited greatly from having dechlorinated water and reduced levels of DBPs. At lower capital and operating costs, the water was now healthier, of higher quality and completely compliant with Health Canada Guidelines.

In Killaloe, the effects of the water were immediately noticeable, with improved aesthetic appearance that, as many residents commented, created better tasting coffee.

For Sunnyside, switching to AVIVE™ ended the Town’s boil water advisory and reduced undesirable chlorine DBPs by 80%.

Preparation for the Milltown project began earlier this spring and installation is forecasted for fall of this year. An integral part of the project will soon begin – the construction, in Ottawa, of a 20-foot, modified shipping container called WaterShed™.

WaterShed™ is an independent and prebuilt water treatment package that houses part of or a complete AVIVE™ system. Everything is tested and calibrated before shipping and once on-site, WaterShed™ can be positioned for on-site convenience and optimization.

Among its many benefits, having an independent structure housing all the necessary equipment means that the existing water infrastructure of the Town does not need to be modified. WaterShed™ can simply “plug-in” to the current infrastructure’s plumbing and electrical.

Milltown’s WaterShed™ will contain SPI™ equipment for monitoring chlorine, pH and hydrogen peroxide, and chemical dosing equipment for hydrogen peroxide and pH adjustment. It will also contain an electrical panel for power, heat, light and insulation, built-in safety facilities and lab/storage space.

The WaterShed™ will connect to Milltown’s water distribution pipeline to allow SanEcoTec engineers to monitor the water and dose the treatment solutions directly into the pipeline before water reaches customers.

In alignment with the vision of AVIVE™, a sustainable, environmentally-friendly water program, WaterShed™ reduces the required footprint for equipment installation.

To learn more about WaterShed™ visit Sanecotec.com or contact Robert Tyssen at Robert.Tyssen@SanEcoTec.com  or call 613 294 2522.

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