Better than Clean Water

When it comes to water, the words clean and healthy are not the same.

Clean suggests a pristine glass of water – colourless and with no abnormal taste or odour. In Canada, most glasses filled with tap water fit this image.

But no matter its aesthetic appeal, this isn’t necessarily healthy water.

For the past 100 years, chlorine has been the traditional choice for water treatment and is still used today in many municipal systems, including Ottawa’s. While its historical significance can’t be denied, chlorine is not the treatment of the future.

Chlorine always combines with natural organics and breaks down into potentially harmful disinfection by-products (DBPs). There are 600 known DBPs, but only 11 are regulated and eight are known carcinogens.

Healthy Water is everything water should be, including safe and clean. Safe because it does not contain bacteria or viruses, and clean because it is free of harmful chemicals and DBPs.

But Healthy Water doesn’t stop at clean and safe.

It is also revitalized with oxygen, a molecule necessary for cellular respiration, which is how our cells make energy. Healthy Water also retains the essential minerals – like magnesium and calcium – and trace elements that are good for you but might otherwise be filtered out through certain treatment methods.

So how can we aim for “Healthy Water”?

Through sustainable alternative water treatments.

AVIVE™ Water Programs combine leading technologies with Huwa-San® Peroxide (HSP), a new generation of hydrogen peroxide. AVIVE™ is owned by SanEcoTec, a sustainable water treatment company based in Ottawa.

Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, has been safely used since the 1800s. You can buy hydrogen peroxide from your local drug store. It’s naturally found in the air, water, and human body. In the body, it’s necessary for the proper functioning of your immune system.

AVIVE’s™ HSP provides water disinfection that is shown to be as or more effective than chlorine and generic peroxides in a 2015 Queen’s University study.

Unlike chlorine, upon contact with natural organics, hydrogen peroxide oxidizes into oxygen and water, creating no known DBPs.

Water is a required daily intake. It is vital for maintaining bodily fluids, it’s good for your skin and muscles and fundamental to the health of your kidney and intestines. Since water is so important to the body, it just makes sense to drink Healthy Water.

In the end, you won’t just be boosting your own health and wellness, you’ll also be drinking water that is environmentally sustainable.

Have a net positive impact on yourself and the environment. Don’t just choose clean water, aim for Healthy Water.

For a free in-home consultation and water test in Ottawa, contact Mike Brennan at or call 613.301.9880. For Newfoundland, contact Ashley Hillier at or call 709.746.2538.

*Martin, Bass & Liss (July 8, 2015). Queen’s University: Kingston, Ont.

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