SanEcoTec Ltd. Celebrates World Environment Day

Photograph used with permission from Ottawa photographer, Sarah Knowles. View more of her work at

OTTAWA – SanEcoTec Ltd. and AVIVE™ Water are celebrating World Environment Day on June 5 with other global citizens. A celebration recognized around the world, this year’s theme, chosen by host country Canada, is Connecting People to Nature.

Created by the United Nations in 1972 to raise awareness and action for the environment, World Environment Day is now celebrated in more than 100 countries.

Canada’s chosen theme is meant to “showcase to the world the beauty of its natural environment on land and water” according to a Release on the Government of Canada website.

Canada is blessed to have an abundance of fresh water made up of thousands of lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater sources. Since water is connected to everyone and everything, the responsibility for its preservation and management must be shared by all Canadians.

For SanEcoTec, connecting with nature means providing AVIVE™ Water Programs, using leading technologies to reduce the negative impact on water and the environment while providing a satisfactory experience that supports the well-being of people and the planet as whole.

“Healthy Water. Cleaner Pipes and tanks. Lower cost. Better source protection. Elimination of disease causing by-products. Effective recycling, re-use and restore capabilities. Water that tastes great straight from the tap – so less bottled water. Reduced landfill. Cleaner air. Reduced energy…There really is an extraordinary ripple effect,” says Jim Shubat, founder of SanEcoTec Ltd., in describing the profound impact AVIVE™ water has on the environment.

SanEcoTec Ltd. is an award-winning Canadian company that creates healthy water programs and products for communities, homes, healthcare and agriculture. The Company is known for innovation in natural and sustainable technologies.

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