Tipping the Scales

Tipping the Scales: How AVIVE™ Water Management Programs Provide the Balance Needed

An Interview with Bruce Lancefield, Food and Beverage Sales Manager, SanEcoTec Ltd.

Efficiently avoiding a crisis is better than effectively coping with one.

While a water crisis in Canada may not seem likely given the natural abundance of fresh water, there should remain an ever-present need to maintain and preserve the sources we have.

“The effects of not preserving water can be seen around the world. Even here at home,” says Bruce Lancefield, Food and Beverage Sales Manager at SanEcoTec Ltd. For Bruce, the preservation of water integrity requires respecting the environment through proper management.

One aspect of proper management is water treatments that don’t add more harmful chemicals and by-products to water systems and eventually back to the environment; keeping quality high and the cost to the environment low.

“How can we achieve results that boost productivity and assure food safety?” Bruce asks. “Are there ways to improve or even reduce steps in the water treatment process while providing a better effect?”

The solution is AVIVE™ Water Programs.

AVIVE™ is a comprehensive and customized-solution that aims to restore water to its natural, healthy state. Water as nature intended.

“AVIVE™ doesn’t add anything harmful to the system and returns water back to the environment without any negative impact,” says Bruce. “It treats water the way water is supposed to be treated.”

Whether it’s a smaller residential system for a homeowner or a large system designed for a municipality, each AVIVE™ System is customized to meet the specific challenges of the water being treated.

“The effects are immediate,” says Bruce.

AVIVE™ utilizes innovative technologies and products to provide this customized water treatment solution. One of these products is a new generation of hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is a molecule that is found in the human body and in nature and has been safely used for many years in food preparation and organic agriculture and is one of the most effective naturally-occurring sanitizers.

But AVIVE’s peroxide, HSP, is far more than just food-grade hydrogen peroxide. Due to its better stabilization, it remains effective and is sustained throughout water and piping systems over long periods of time.

It does not leave behind toxic chlorine disinfection by-products, harmful chemical residue, tastes, or odours.

In addition to its purpose in AVIVE™ Water Programs, HSP can be used as a multi-surface sanitizer that is safe for food surfaces and specialized applications such as beer line; and it’s an effective biofilm control product to manage bacteria colonies, milk stone and beer stone.

“AVIVE™ is the solution needed for the present and for the future,” says Bruce. “We recycle and reuse the same water constantly so why add detrimental toxins that end up in the food we eat, the water we drink and the environment we live in?”

The earth’s ecosystem is a delicately balanced scale, quick to tip in either direction at the slightest nudge. No matter the industry – energy, food, or water – preserving the balance should be the goal and responsibility of every Canadian.

Bruce Lancefield
Food and Beverage Sales Manager

Bruce develops AVIVE™ Water Management Programs for food processors and the complete food services and hospitality value chain.

Bruce has been in the water and automation business since 2004, where he gained valuable experience before joining the SanEcoTec team.

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