AVIVE™ Healthy Water System

OTTAWA – The AVIVE™ Healthy Water System has been re-imagined and re-engineered with the aim to make Healthy Water accessible from every tap in the home.

Water is among the most important challenges facing home owners. AVIVE™ Healthy Water Systems provide solutions to achieve superior water quality without harmful chemicals or by-products. AVIVE™ uses stabilized hydrogen peroxide, a form of the naturally occurring molecule, which is just water with an added oxygen atom (H2O2).

Already installed in many Ontario homes, families have greater confidence in their tap water thanks to AVIVE™.

The AVIVE™ Healthy Water System offers four models that cover most challenges faced by homeowners. Every installation is customized to specifically address localized challenges, like hard or soft water.

AVIVE™ Healthy Water Systems begin with a home consultation and water analysis before custom engineering and design. The System is then installed by knowledgeable staff and homeowners are offered continued support to ensure System optimization.

An AVIVE™ Healthy Water System is kind to fixtures and pipes. It costs less to start and operate than other water treatment methods and, due to its lack of chemicals, residue and by-products, is better for the environment.

“We thought we tried everything, then we finally installed an AVIVE™ Healthy Water System. It’s the best! We are delighted with the quality of our water – and so are our plants and animals!” said one resident of Ottawa, ON.

An AVIVE™ Healthy Water System uses only Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved products and undergoes rigorous testing in performance from the science and technology team at SanEcoTec Ltd.

SanEcoTec is Canada’s Water’s Next Award Winner for 2016 and the People’s Choice Winner of Canada’s 2015 Clean50 Award for clean technology and innovation.

AVIVE™ On Tap: Aims to deliver Healthy Water from every faucet

Innovation for the Next Generation
“I never imagined I could be so fulfilled in my work. I am part of a team of innovators. Healthy Water is vital to all living things, now and for generations to come. Healthy Water is more than just clean water: it’s oxygen-rich, contains valuable minerals and is free of harmful chemicals. Clean water is not the finish line. Clean water is the starting point.” Tracy Lalonde, Product Development Manager.

Tracy is the architect behind the development of the AVIVE™ Healthy Water Systems.


Tracy Lalonde, MOECC Entry Level Drinking Water Operator – Product Development Manager; 613.330.3370; tracy.lalonde@sanecotec.com

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