SanEcoTec Ltd. Named 2016 Water’s Next Drinking Water Award Winner


WatersNext2016_Winner_Logo-01(Toronto) – Ottawa-based SanEcoTec Ltd. was named 2016 Water’s Next Drinking Water Award Winner following yesterday’s 2016 Canadian Water Summit in Toronto. The Water’s Next Awards are presented annually by Water Canada to honour the achievements and innovations that have successfully changed the world of water.

SanEcoTec was recognized for the AVIVE™ Water Treatment System installed in Sunnyside, Newfoundland and Labrador. The AVIVE™ System helped transform Sunnyside’s water from among the most challenging drinking water in the country, to water that is among the best.

While attending the Awards Gala, Mayor Robert Snook of Sunnyside said, “We feel relief to be speaking of our water with pride rather than apology. We believe this initiative has been essential to our future, both as a community and for our Province.”

AVIVE™ is being recognized for its impressive list of benefits, including:

  • A vital public health and safety issue has been successfully addressed
  • Watershed and environmental impact of the Town’s water have been improved
  • Useful life of water infrastructure has been extended and long-term funding needs are reduced
  • Integrity of the water distribution network is improved and less susceptible to boil water advisories
  • The AVIVE™ System is less costly in start-up and operating cost than conventional water treatment methods
  • Sunnyside has new confidence in their water – straight from the tap – for drinking, washing and cooking

avive-waterThe AVIVE™ Water Treatment System has immediate application for hundreds of communities that are non-compliant with Health Canada Guidelines for regulated disinfection by-products (DBPs); or who are currently on boil water advisories; or who have high levels of water and power being wasted due to flushing.

The application of the technology is of particular importance to smaller and rural communities who can’t afford expensive conventional treatment methods; areas with challenged surface water, which include a significant number of First Nations communities.

Jim Shubat,SanEcoTec Founderand Chief Technology Officer – in accepting the Award – said,  “We dedicate this Award to the people of Sunnyside whose vision and desire for healthy water led us to this stage. And we promise to those who are looking to overcome their own water challenges: A future of water integrity, that is kinder to the environment, and that supports health and vitality that is imminent, attainable, attractive and affordable.”

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