16th Canadian National Conference on Drinking Water – Intelligence Bulletin #2

Bulletin # 2 Monday October 27


Robert Haller, Executive Director of the Association and Chair of the Conference opened the event this morning saying, “Our goal is to be inspired by the challenges before us.”

It’s an excellent forum to address that goal. The Association has balanced the attendance among academics and utilities operators. This ensures the shared critical information on current issues can be addressed, discussed and enacted, informed by leading edge study.

Notable areas of interest for the Conference agenda are climate change and drinking water innovation.

Conference Co-Chair Haseen Khan, Water Resources Management Division of Newfoundland and Labrador set the tone, “Our privilege is to have the best drinking water in the world.” – and later speakers referenced a role in water management as a “fiduciary duty” with respect to water as a fundamental human need. Efforts must address the interrelationship among “natural security; human health; and human wellness.”

Dr. David Barnes, SanEcoTec Vice President Regulatory Affairs, Dr. Colin Guthrie, Project Manager Applied Research; and Jeff Byron, President AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solutions Inc. will report on Sessions later today in the next Bulletin.

These will include sessions on municipal drinking water issues in Calgary and Halifax; new methods of private well-water testing; and the microbiology of water in large buildings – each of which is an area of Pilot activity for AVIVE™.

Look for reports on that and more in tomorrow’s Intelligence Bulletin.

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