SanEcoTec Ltd. Announces Executive Appointments

OTTAWA – Canadian water treatment and disinfection company SanEcoTec Ltd. – owner of the AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution and Kramer Process Engineering technology – is pleased to announce the following Executive appointments.

Els Vanbeckevoort, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Vanbeckevoort assumes the role of CEO with responsibility for the Company’s strategic direction and day-to-day operations. “As we develop the global opportunities presented to us, it is vital that we give closer definition to the roles of our Management Team. I am confident we have a superior Team and excellent strategic direction to fulfill these roles”, said Ms. Vanbeckevoort.

Jim Shubat, Founder and Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Shubat takes on the role of engineering the custom applications of the AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution for the Company’s priority markets in municipal, residential, agricultural and food processing applications. “We are finding a tremendous response to our Solution, and how it can be customized and engineered to specific and singular needs. This ability to apply our unique know-how has given AVIVE™ a significant advantage in developing healthy water programs”, said Mr. Shubat.

Jay Whiteside, Vice President Commercialization. Mr. Whiteside takes on responsibility for the revenue, business development and funding programs to commercialize the Company’s proprietary technologies and processes. “The funding landscape for water is shifting. This role is to identify and develop the different ways we can make money. And it’s also to understand and assist in the ways our customers can pay us “, said Mr. Whiteside.

Dr. David Barnes, Vice President Product Development and Regulatory Affairs. Dr. Barnes takes on an expanded role within the Management Team in respect of the Company’s commitment to integrate its science and regulatory functions to build the commercial value of its proprietary assets. “We work very closely together around our creed: ‘We don’t sell what we can’t market and we don’t market what we can’t prove.’”, said Dr. Barnes.

AVIVE™ is a water treatment process that applies a number of innovative and sustainable water treatment technologies including hydrogen peroxide, which is naturally occurring in nature and in the human body. AVIVE™ provides an effective alternative to chlorine in secondary disinfection and aims to restore water to its natural, healthy state.

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