SanEcoTec Ltd. Announces Dealer Network for Treating Groundwater

OTTAWA/KINGSTON – Jim Shubat, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Canadian water treatment and disinfection company SanEcoTec Ltd. – owner of the AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution and SPI™ Technology Inc. – is pleased to announce the launch of AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solutions Inc.

AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solutions Inc. has the exclusive license to develop the Dealer Network of solutions and service providers for homes, farms and businesses to obtain healthy water from their groundwater sources, using the patents-pending AVIVE™ System.

AVIVE™ is a water treatment process that applies a number of innovative and sustainable water treatment technologies including Huwa-San Peroxide. Huwa-San Peroxide is a new generation of stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is naturally occurring in nature and in the human body.

AVIVE™ provides an effective alternative to chlorine in secondary disinfection and aims to restore water to its natural, healthy state.

The AVIVE™ System aims to produce healthy water, defined as: oxygen rich, clean, pH-balanced with accepted amounts of trace minerals and ions, and is therefore recognized by the human body as water.

AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solutions Inc. President, Jeff Byron says, “I’ve been in the water business for over 30 years and have never seen anything as effective as AVIVE™. We are expecting very strong interest from Dealers to join us in this exciting offering.”

Mr. Byron had been selling the AVIVE™ System for almost five years before he was selected to become SanEcoTec’s Master Dealer. “We kept getting so many happy customer endorsements of Jeff’s work, it only made sense for us to tap into his application expertise and his exceptional customer service to help more dealers introduce AVIVE™ to more people,” said Mr. Shubat.

“The AVIVE™ System is revolutionizing water treatment and we’re going to provide our Dealers with the training and support to take advantage of this opportunity in each exclusive territory,” said Byron. “Every day’s a good day to be in the water business with AVIVE™.”

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