SanEcoTec Announces Important Advancement in Healthy Water

Ottawa – Els Vanbeckevoort, Chief Executive Officer of SanEcoTec Ltd. – owners of the AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution – today announced the submission of patent applications for the process that produces AVIVE™. Healthy Water. Better Life.

“Over the past several months, SanEcoTec has filed multiple patent applications in Canada and internationally that cover the process of applying stabilized hydrogen peroxide as a secondary and residual disinfectant in water treatment and distribution systems, including accurately monitoring and controlling peroxide at very low concentrations” said Ms. Vanbeckevoort.

The AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution applies a number of innovative, sustainable water treatment technologies, including hydrogen peroxide, which is naturally occurring in nature and in the human body.

“Water is truly different everywhere and in every way that it’s used,” said Ms. Vanbeckevoort. “The ability to provide a fully integrated and customized solution to our customers is essential. We can optimize the way AVIVE™ can cost-effectively deliver clean healthy water in a controlled and consistent manner, meeting and exceeding regulations and quality standards. The AVIVE™ process is a singular process that is not available elsewhere. We can measure water quality in dynamic ways and automatically adjust dose amounts of hydrogen peroxide to meet the specific needs of our municipal, residential, agricultural and industrial customers according to the characteristics of their water. That is a very big step forward in managing and maintaining water quality.”

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