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15 Easy Tips to Have a Planet-Happy Holiday Season

We hope that your holiday season is filled with good food, family, friends, and fun for a light and joy-filled celebration.

This December, as you host or attend your parties, prepare for all the big meals and cozy up with the family, consider trying all or some of the things on the list below to help have a planet-happy holiday season.

How to save water:

  1. Defrost frozen food in the fridge instead of a sink full of water
  2. To clean your fruits and vegetables, place them in a bowl or pot with water instead of leaving the tap running
  3. Put a pitcher of water on the table for water glass refills so that guests only pour what they want
  4. Fill the dishwasher every time before running it and choose the dishwasher over hand-washing
  5. If you don’t have a dishwasher, fill your sink with soap and water instead of letting the tap run

How to save energy:

  1. Candles are beautiful and they truly help create a cozy and Christmassy atmosphere
  2. Use LED Christmas lights to trim your tree or home’s gutters
  3. Time your lights so they’re not on all night
  4. Each person gives off the heat of a 100 watt light bulb, so consider turning down your thermostat during your next Christmas party
  5. Bake multiple dishes at the same time and open the oven as little as possible to prevent heat loss

How to decrease waste:

  1. Ditch the single-use plastic plates, cutlery and glasses at your next party. It may take a little bit more time, but setting out “the good stuff” will up the classiness of your shindig
  2. Reduce food waste and plastic all in one go by sending your guests home with leftovers in recycled glass jars
  3. Wrap your gifts in recycled paper like newspaper or reusable wrapping like scarves or pillow cases
  4. Need a hostess gift? Consider putting all the fixings for cookies, specialty popcorn, brownies or another baked good into an up-cycled glass jar
  5. Consider shopping second hand for gifts. Consignment and thrift stores are a treasure trove for the adventuring shopper. Or try shopping local as buying online often means excess packaging

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