Different greenhouses have different water needs, but all greenhouses share the same need of understanding and maintaining the quality of their irrigation water. Re-using water – while beneficial in cost, conservation and energy – comes with the potential risk of spreading disease from a single plant to the rest of the greenhouse. Unless tested, the…(Read More)

Milltown, Newfoundland has been through a lot in recent years – Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and a willfully set fire that consumed the school, Town Hall and RCMP detachment. In addition to all this, the municipal drinking water of the Town has pH, iron and colour measures that exceed provincial guidelines. For a Town that’s…(Read More)

Huwa-San® Peroxide (HSP), a silver-ion-stabilized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), is an integral part of AVIVE™ Healthy Water Programs. It provides superior residual and sanitization while also improving water quality and aesthetic appeal through a natural and environmentally sustainable process. In addition to its success as a water treatment, HSP also has many other…(Read More)

When it comes to water, the words clean and healthy are not the same. Clean suggests a pristine glass of water – colourless and with no abnormal taste or odour. In Canada, most glasses filled with tap water fit this image. But no matter its aesthetic appeal, this isn’t necessarily healthy water. For the past…(Read More)

ATP Testing

WHAT IS ATP? ·         Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a molecule associated with all living cells and is essential for microbiological life ·         ATP is responsible for the transport of energy in the living bacterial cell and the feeding and reproduction (multiplication) of the cell ·         ATP provides a reliable indication of biological activity in water…(Read More)

Dear Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister, Further to my last letter to you… Canada has a lot of water. Twenty per cent of global freshwater resources. Except more than half isn’t useful. Environment and Climate Change Canada tells us water needs to be in a particular place and of a certain quality for it to be useful…(Read More)

BACKGROUND 2015 StatsCan Treatment of Drinking Water by Canadian households survey, May 1, 2017. Nearly 51% of Canadians use at least one method of drinking water treatment with jugs and on-tap filters the most common forms. Newfoundland and Labrador households were most likely to treat their drinking water (65%) and Quebec households were the…(Read More)

Rivers run through the fabric of Manotick. Named for the Ojibwa word, meaning island in the river, the village of Manotick is a rural haven for 4,500 residents. It was the Rideau River that provided power for the founding mill and it’s the Ottawa River that serves the municipal drinking water system many…(Read More)

OTTAWA – SanEcoTec Ltd. and AVIVE™ Water are celebrating World Environment Day on June 5 with other global citizens. A celebration recognized around the world, this year’s theme, chosen by host country Canada, is Connecting People to Nature. Created by the United Nations in 1972 to raise awareness and action for the environment, World Environment…(Read More)

OTTAWA – Do you know where your plastic and garbage goes? According to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, whatever is not recycled or sitting in landfills is likely to end up in rivers and oceans, poisoning the ecosystem and creating devastating consequences. In water, plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually becoming micro-plastics the…(Read More)