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Sustainable approaches to drinking water treatment in NL INTRODUCTION Surface water sources of drinking water in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) present unique challenges to treatment engineering, characterized by high concentrations of Natural Organic Matter (NOM), low pH and hardness. NOM and chlorine disinfectants often used in traditional treatment can yield high concentrations of potentially carcinogenic…(Read More)

Tipping the Scales

Tipping the Scales: How AVIVE™ Water Management Programs Provide the Balance Needed An Interview with Bruce Lancefield, Food and Beverage Sales Manager, SanEcoTec Ltd. Efficiently avoiding a crisis is better than effectively coping with one. While a water crisis in Canada may not seem likely given the natural abundance of fresh water, there should remain…(Read More)

Dear Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister, I am fortunate to be among the many Canadians that have easy and unlimited access to clean and safe drinking water. My luxury is not shared by all. Many Canadians do not have what all Canadians ought to have. On February 1 of this year, Neskantaga Community in Ontario celebrated its 22nd…(Read More)

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE As a naturally-occurring molecule, hydrogen peroxide, is water with an additional oxygen atom. Instead of H2O, it’s H2O2. It’s biodegradable, forming water and oxygen. In recent years, hydrogen peroxide’s use has evolved from basic applications in food preparation and organic agriculture to an alternative method of drinking water treatment…(Read More)

AVIVE™ on tap.

OTTAWA – The AVIVE™ Healthy Water System has been re-imagined and re-engineered with the aim to make Healthy Water accessible from every tap in the home. Water is among the most important challenges facing home owners. AVIVE™ Healthy Water Systems provide solutions to achieve superior water quality without chemicals, harmful residue or by-products…(Read More)