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News Release


We know there are challenges to being a homeowner, which is why the AVIVE™ Healthy Water System has been re-imagined and re-engineered to meet virtually any water challenge in the home.

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Intelligence Bulletin

The Case for Hydrogen Peroxide

Modern solutions are fast overtaking the methods of the past. The future looks bright with hydrogen peroxide as a viable alternative to traditional water treatments.

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Sustainable Approaches to Municipal Drinking Water Treatment in Newfoundland

Newfoundland water presents unique challenges for treatment. A pilot project for the town of Sunnyside, NL put the AVIVE™ Water Treatment System to the test and the results were incredible.

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Team Outlooks

Tipping the Scales

The best defence is a good offence. A water crisis may seem unlikely in a country blessed with an abundance of fresh water, but a current mindset of proper water management and preservation prevents future panic.

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Social Awareness Initiative for Healthy Water

Dear Prime Minister

I’m not an engineer, millionaire, or head of the Canadian government. I’m just a Young Idealist and I have something I need to say.

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In The Current

Out and About

AVIVE™ Healthy Water Systems were a feature fixture at several home shows in March and April.

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In the Fields

Exciting results from AVIVE™ applications in the food industry.

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Meet Our New Colleague

This month we proudly welcome a new colleague to our website in the Better Business Bureau and A+ accreditation rating.

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