SanEcoTec Wins 2018 Bootstrap Award for Innovation Engineering & Technology

OTTAWA, ON – Ottawa-based SanEcoTec Ltd. has received the 2018 Bootstrap Innovation Engineering & Technology Award.

The Bootstrap Awards, presented by Smart & Biggar and powered by the Ottawa Network, recognize self-capitalized and early-stage companies that have enjoyed commercial success with limited outside funding. Companies that have “’bootstrapped’ their growth.”

As winners of the Innovation Award, SanEcoTec has “applied scientific engineering expertise and technology to solve an everyday problem in a way that is unique and innovative.”

This everyday problem is water.

Working within a slow-moving water industry, which follows decades-old practices and regulations, SanEcoTec has pursued a green future with an alternative approach.

“Conventional solutions to today’s water challenges focus on improving existing processes,” says Els Vanbeckevoort, CEO and Co-Founder of SanEcoTec. “But the fact remains, that many of our standard methods of treating water are outdated and ineffective in solving those challenges.”

AVIVE™ Water Programs use an alternative water treatment that is biodegradable and sustainable. This new treatment is effective for use in drinking water and organic agriculture, with impressive results in greenhouses, in homes and in municipal projects.

Co-founders Jim Shubat and Els Vanbeckevoort believe AVIVE™ is uniquely positioned to lead a generational change in how water is managed.

“For now, we’re concentrating on the challenges we face at home,” says Jim. “But there’s global potential in what we do.”

The need to prove AVIVE™ as a viable alternative has meant the Company spent its early years in R&D, with many resources allocated toward testing, independent studies and approvals to ensure scientific integrity and regulatory credibility.

This is a long and capital-intensive process that would have proved the undoing of lesser-committed companies.

SanEcoTec will be honoured alongside other worthy award winners at a Bootstrap Gala on March 6.


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