Celebrating Water

March is the month of water.

Whether you want to celebrate, advocate or meditate on water for a month, week or day, March has you covered.

Water Action Month

The organization, End Water Poverty, works to raise awareness of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation (recognized by the UN in 2010). As part of this work, they hold their annual campaign, Water Action Month throughout March.

2017’s theme was “Now is the Time!” while 2018 will feature weekly focuses.

“Water Action Month…presents an opportunity to define and illustrate what safely managed water and sanitation means and why no one should be deprived or left behind…” says the official Water Action Month messaging.

The UN has 16 sustainable development goals. Number six is to “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”. EWP believes that “Without access to safely managed water and sanitation, the achievement of all other 16 goals by 2030 would not be possible.”

You can learn more about the events, themes of the week and what you can do to support WAM by visiting endwaterpoverty.org.

Canada Water Week

As described on the website, “Canada Water Week is a celebration of water from coast-to-coast-to-coast”. Last year’s theme was Healthy Rivers, Living Lakes.

World Water Day

Since 1993, March 22 has been World Water Day. Designated by the UN General Assembly as a day to highlight the importance of freshwater, it’s celebrated internationally.

This year’s theme, Nature for Water, focuses on the natural solutions to water challenges. “When we neglect our ecosystems, we make it harder to provide everyone with the water we need to survive and thrive,” says the World Water Day 2018 website. “Nature-based solutions have the potential to solve many of our water challenges.”

As a water engineering Company, for us, every day, week and month is about water. It’s just part of the job. But celebrating with a global party is a lot more fun than celebrating alone.

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